How Does The Weather Affect A Roof

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We know that here in South Wales it is rare to see severe weather such as tornados and hurricanes. However, did you know that the weather we do get can affect your roof in many ways and it is very important to keep on top of roof maintenance (literally) to reduce the chances of needing expensive roof repairs on your home.

Our seasonal weather is quite predictable normally, cooler temperatures and blue skies during the autumn and spring, the warmth of summer and the cold, dark, frosty winters. All of these have an adverse effect on the health of your roof.

So, make sure your festive to-do list includes checking over your roof, both inside and out, adding some extra visual checks when the weather has been particularly horrible.

How The Summer Affects Your Roof

We probably think it’s unlikely that the sun in the warm summers is doing that much damage to the roof, as much of the effect the sun has on your roof is unnoticed until a period of perhaps intense weather – such as an overnight summer storm, which will bring plenty of rain and debris raining down on your roof.

What Is UV Exposure On A Roof

As many UK roofs are unshaded, there is no level of protection between the roof and the unfiltered UV rays from our summer sun. But over a period, the exposure to the summer heat and UV rays can start to dry out your roof, causing some shrinkage as well as causing wood structures to bleach, weaken and potentially crack. Roof tiles that face this long summer long exposure to daily high summer temperatures may begin to buckle or split and the joins between tiles can become looser as the shrinkage occurs.

Don’t panic though, as a well-maintained roof whether maintained by the homeowner or a professional roof repair contractor can last many hot summers without too much damage from the weather and elements. This is especially true if your roof is under ten years old and you keep a well-ventilated attic that can help distribute some of the heat felt from the sun.

How To Maintain Older Roofs

If your roof is older than say – ten years or you have an unventilated attic space, known as a ‘Hot Roof’, talk to your local roof repair company about the benefits of a new roof or possible extra insulation. The advantages gained by investing in a new roof include much improved energy bills, better insulation against lost heat and improvement of airflow ventilation around your homes roof.

What Is Thermal Shock For Roofs

A considerable threat during the summer months in South Wales is the potential risk of thermal shock on roofs – this thermal shock occurs when the temperatures reach higher than average during the day but drop off rapidly after the night draws in. This extreme change in temperature and moisture in the air can cause the materials on your roof (especially metal) to expand dramatically and contract within a short time, thus affecting the structural integrity and on some occasions, leading to warping and roof damage.

Preventing Mould And Moss Growth

If your homes roof is not maintained, this through lack of time or buying a property that has not been maintained on a regular basis, your roof might have some moisture trapped between tiles or under within support structures. Over the summer months, the increased warmth and a supply of water, mould and moss can grow quite quickly; spreading across your roof in a blanket of green, creeping into your attic spaces and down the external walls.

Roofing Services South Wales

We are proud to offer our roofing services South Wales to both residential and commercial sectors as we know how important it is to keep your roof in the best condition. From domestic home improvements to large scale commercial installations, we will give a professional service. If you need repairs, renovation work or even a re-tiling service, you can feel reassured as we promise to meet your high standards

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