How The Cold Weather Can Affect A Roof

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The colder months are on us and they bring shorter days, less lovely sunlight, more frost, bitter morning temperatures and an increased chance of rain and snow especially here in South Wales.

Roof Damage From Rain

Rain is totally the most common weather experienced here in South Wales, and even more so over the winter months. So, this almost constant beating down of rain water on your roof can take its toll after a few weeks and months of regular rainy weather.

Make sure your roof can drain properly, with no rain water collecting in pools or puddles on flat surfaces, make sure you keep the guttering clear of leaves and debris to prevent overflowing or blockages. As part of your winter roof maintenance routine, check that your downpipes are centred over drains with no chance of leaks or spills that could create slippery and potential icy paths.

Ensure Efficient Drainage From Your Roof

By checking that your roof has good drainage, you will reduce the weight of the water that will otherwise collect on the roof and prevent the build-up of moisture between tiles that can cause mould and moss growth. By doing this before it gets too late in winter, you can prevent leaks and moisture ingress through damaged structures to reduce the likelihood of damp, rot and mould in attic spaces.

The Occassional Snow And Roof Damage

With the wetter weather and temperatures dropping here in Wales, we know snow is never that far behind. Snow doesn not actually drain off a roof as easily as the water and a sudden build-up of snow can be quite heavy on unmaintained or old roofs. Although many house owners usually allow the snow to melt naturally, those who want to clear the snow from their roof should make sure to do so properly, in order to prevent further damage.

If you are at all worried about the weight of snow build up on your roof, we would advise calling your local roof repair company who can advise on the best method of removal for your home.

Roof Damage From High Winds

Those bitter and often icy winds also have an adverse effect on your home, especially as we experience the tail end of intense storms from severe weather abroad. These high winds loosen, move and jostle your tiles, sometimes lifting them up and causing a chain of possible damage across your roof. The best way to protect your roof against these high winds is to regularly check your roof for loose or missing tiles and have these repaired or replaced by a roofing repair contractor where necessary.

Weather Roof Maintenance and Safety

Importantly, when getting your roof ready for intense weather patterns and working at roof height, you must only do so if you have the confidence to do so and know how to utilise the correct safety equipment. Falls from a roof or from a height can cause life-changing injuries or worse.

With that in mind, it is always safer to call a professional roofer when you do not feel confident in carrying out checks or performing maintenance yourself.

Roofing Services South Wales

We are proud to offer our roofing services South Wales to both residential and commercial sectors as we know how important it is to keep your roof in the best condition. From domestic home improvements to large scale commercial installations, we will give a professional service

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