How Hot Weather Affects Your Roof

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Although we all love the summer sun, the hot weather does have an affect on your roof. Most issues are not noticed till the weather turns. Learn below how UV, Thermal Shock and Moss have an effect.

UV Exposure

As roofs are unshaded they tend to suffer from UV exposure. This results in the roof drying out over time, due to this shrinkage becomes an issue. Once shrinkage happens the under areas of the roof can become exposed and in a worst case, start to crack. When a roof is maintained well, either by you or a professional, it can last a good 10 years or more. Keep an eye out for shrinkage and you can keep ahead of this issue.

When Your Roof Is Getting Old

If your roof is over 10 years old and has seen better days or is unventilated, it’s time to contact your local professional. Investing in your roof, be it with improving ventilation to allow your loft space to stay cool & not over heat and damage any structures or even improve the energy efficiency by added extra insulation. As a result saving you money in the long run.

Has Your Roof Had A Thermal Shock

How can Thermal shock effect your roof? Put simply if the heat during the day is very hot, more than usual, and then the temperature suddenly drops at night. This has an effect on structural integrity, especially on metal which expands when hot and contracts to quickly if it gets cold to quickly. If this happens in a short time it can result in warping.

Preventing Moss Growing

Moisture on a roof can result, with warm weather, in rapid moss growth on an unmaintained roof. It can also creep into the roof space and down walls. Make sure you keep an eye out for any growth and should you be purchasing a house it’s a good thing to have checked.


If you do not have the time, know how or the basic inclination, why not call in the professionals! If you are unsure of how to maintain your roof, concerned about making a mistake, scared of heights or simply unwilling to spend your free time up a ladder, it won’t be difficult to find a local company. Just make sure that the person you choose is a recommended specialist in flat roof repair and cleaning.

For roof maintenance and cleaning in South Wales, make Duraseal your first call. Established since 1995, our team of local experts can install and repair residential roofs at competitive prices. Our quick and reliable service ensures that your home will remain warm, dry and protected against any weather.

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